Manufacture and supply Zirconia Powder, Zirconium Chemicals, Advance Ceramics, Industrial Minerals by Raj Purohit Group of Enterprises in India. Mineral Mines as Wollastonite, Calcite, MICA, Sodium Frldspar, Potassium Feldspar, Silica Quartz.
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  Resources as Mineral Mines, Wollastonite, Calcite, MICA, Sodium Frldspar, Potassium Feldspar, Silica Quartz in India.
Zirox -CP
 Co-precipitated zirconia powders 
3 Mol% Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia
Powders ( TZP)
Zirox -CP-TZY-3n
Sinterable at 1350'C without Binder
Zirox-CP TZY-3nSB
Sinterable at 1350'C,Spray Dried with Binder
Sinterable at 1450 1530'C,without Binder
Spray Dried with Binder, Sinterable at 1450-1530'C
Monoclinic Zirconia Powders
monoclinic zirconia
nano monoclinic zirconia
8 Mol% Yttrium Fully
Stabilized Zirconia
Zirox-CP-FZY 8n
Thermal Zirconia Powders
Monoclinic zirconia
nano Monoclinic Zirconia
submicronised zirconia
3um zirconia
325 mesh zirconia
granular zirconia
Monoclinic zirconia
7-8% yttria stabilized Zirconia
TZY-TBC-SDP -8% yttria     Stabilized- Spray Dried Zirconia
Zirconia Toughened Alumina(s)
Nano ZTA
Zirox CP-ZTA
(Sinterable at 1560'C)
(Ready to press)
Rare Earths
Yttrium Oxide
Cerium Oxide
Technology & applications of Zirconia powder
Zirconia beads & ceramic components
Zirconia Beads- YZB
Dental Blanks
Nano Dispersions & Powders
- TI 205
Nano Titanium Oxide
Nano Zinc Oxide dispersion
Nano Zirconium Oxide
-ZR 105
nano monoclinic zirconia dispersion

nano monoclinic zirconia
nano Tetragonal zirconia dispersion
Industrial Minerals
Zircon Sand
Zircon Flour
Zirconium Silicate-5
GCC-Ground Calcium
Carbonate Powders
5um Coated
15um Uncoated
Calcia- Nano -
Ground Calcium Carbonate
    Wollsill-HAR- High Aspect Ratio
Wollsill-FBRS -
Medium Aspect Ratio

Wollsill-LL -
Low Aspect Ratio
Kaolin 86n
Kaolin 82
Silica ( Quartz) powders
(3um average particle powder)
(6um average particle powder)
Potash Feldspar
Sodium Feldspar
Particle Technology Centre
Ziroxmill-UFM technology

Sceneice view of the Ana Wollastonite mine and rich deposit

Mining Sites

Rge is endowed with rich deposits of mineral like wollastonite, calcite, mica, sodium frldspar, potassium feldspar, silica quartz. for wollastonite and calcite the mineral deposit is located near village ana, tehsil desuri distt pali rajasthan. currently around 12000 tons of wollastonite and calcite is being exploited here. This granted area is the second wollastonite deposit in Indian wollastonite mining history. Rge broke 26 years monopoly of one giant working in wollastonite mining this field.

Feldspar (Potassium Based), Mica and Quartz mine is Iocated Nr. Village Ruppura Tehsil Asind distt Bhilwara,Rajasthan.This mine is enriched with one India's unique mineral deposit of Potassium feldspar, Quartz and mica and can meet any quantity at very short span of period.

Scene at Ruppura feldspar mine



The Sodium Feldspar Mine is located Nr. Village Ganesh Pura Tehsil Asind, Dist Bhilwara Rajasthan State .

The joint capacity of both of these mines is around 150000 tons of mineral per annum.

Scene at Ganeshpura Sodium feldspar Mines


All mining sites are well connected by all season good roads having adequate transportation facilities and equipped with excavators, drilling machines required necessarily for achieving the given target.

Proposed resources  

One more deposit of wollastonite is underway for grant located near beawar9ajmer) rajasthan. Two other feldspar deposits are under final grant stage. by acquiring these area rge's strength for wollastonite and feldspar will be nearly doubled.  


  • Industrial Mineral processing unit  
From January 2004 the industrial minerals are processed at group's first industrial mineral production facility named MINERAL TECHNIQA (MT) located at Beawar in Rajasthan. Beawar is one of the hub of the feldspar and silica business of Asia. This plant has currently 12000 tons powder production capacity. Expansion is underway for next12000 ton annum additional capacity. This plant is equipped with modern state of art mineral powder production equipments.
  • Zirconium oxide Production facilities

Search for land for Proposed plant for zirconium business division has just ended. Probable location will be KANDLA SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE, KANDLA, Gujarat State. Capacity of proposed plant will be to produce 1200 tons of advance ceramic application grade Monoclinic, PSZ and FSZ Zirconia powders including nano particle powders. The plant can also be established in Thailand for ease of operation and exports. This will be an EOU unit. By commencing commercial production of various grades of high purity zirconia (zirconium oxide powders) in the up-coming facility with a installed capacity of 300 tons per annum for different grades RGe will become the first and only producer of high purity nano and submicronised monoclinic, tetragonal, partially stabilized, fully stabilized zirconia powders in south Asia.

The plant is designed to incorporate the most advance technology. Zirconium business is managed by our flagship company Udaipur Zircons private Limited (UZL). The desire for maximum production flexibility has resulted in a designing of modern plant capable of meeting the most varied customer requirements. Preference will be given to manufacturing of products customised to specific customer requirements. For stringent quality controls, a dedicated laboratory equipped with X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), Laser particle size analyzer, Surface area analyser (BET Method), XRD will be maintained to ensure that all product should meet or exceed standard those set by our customers. UZL will also maintain quality of its products by incorporation of process control programs, procurement of high purity consistent quality raw materials from reputed sources & stringent quality assurance testing.In addition to the above I. S. O. certification will be acquired.
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